About Us

About Green Tek

GreenTek was established to harness clean & sustainable energy sources such as Solar to replace the conventional forms of energy. Solar energy is abundantly available, economical and affordable for power generation for domestic / commercial use.
GreenTek provides design, development, installation and back support services for various types of high quality solar systems such as OFF Grid with battery back-up and Grid-tied including reverse metering for homes and businesses across all regions.
Our mission is to provide high efficient Solar Power Systems for sustainable supply of energy to meet the energy demand and curtail the soaring costs of electricity. Here at GreenTek we work hard to ensure that we deliver excellent, personalized and comprehensive services.

  • Group of experts in the field of renewable / Solar Energy Technology
  • Over 10 years of design, development and installation experience.
  • Supply of Different Solar Equipments
  • Affiliated with Internationally recognized OEMs and suppliers
  • Provision of High Efficient and Economical Solutions.
  • Provides Free Site Assessment / Survey and Quote.
  • Back-up support services and provision of Equipment / Spares.
  • It’s time to go solar. Going solar is easy with GreenTek .